We are a Kenyan based company specialising in product photography services

From our dedicated product photography studio, we create useful product images for manufacturers, importer’s, exporter’s & retailer’s for their advertising, promotions, online & print catalog, E-commerce, business presentations, publications & social media content.

Our team develops product photography concepts, produce creative images for social media & advertising.

We manage production workflow, equipment, turnaround time & quality control for large numbers of product photography projects.

Our Objective

Gibs Photography aims at being the most reliable product photography company in the East Africa region.

Our objective is to play our role best to deliver quality & useful product images, & see our client’s meet their marketing & advertising objectives.

Our Clientele

SAJ Ceramics Ltd, Mzuri Sweets Ltd, Google Arts & Culture, Africa PVC Industries Ltd, BeadWorks Kenya Ltd, Umoja Rubber Products Ltd, Nine Trading Ltd, Yilmaz Company Ltd, Adix Plastics Ltd, Cinnabar Green Ltd, Africa Spirits Ltd, Industrial Promotion Services, African Leather Industries, Mhogo Foods Ltd, Marini Naturals Ltd, KK Security Ltd, The Little Jewellers, Jacaranda Creations, SME’s, & retailers in general.

Our Product Photography Studio

Gibs Photography studio & office is located at 135, BTL Estate, opp Bidco Industrial Park, along Ruiru-Kamiti Road, Ruiru, Kenya. It is easily accessible via self-drive or public transport.

Our studio is well designed & equipped for its purpose, & flexible for on-location photography projects for many or bulky products.

Gibson Maina.
Director, Photographer & Creative Director.

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