Tips For Planning Photography for Your Products

Well-done product images play a vital role in supporting sales teams and enhancing marketing activities. They not only showcase a brand in a visually appealing manner but also serve various other purposes. The success of a product photography project depends on careful planning and the collaborative input of sales, marketing, brand managers, and skilled photographers. By involving all key stakeholders, one can ensure that the resulting images effectively convey the desired brand image, resonate with the target audience, and fulfill the diverse needs of sales and marketing activities.

Here are some valuable tips that can greatly benefit your business as you plan for product photography. These recommendations will enable you to set clear objectives, obtain all the necessary images, make a budget and spend wisely, determine an appropriate turnaround time, and identify the right partners for the project.

  1. Discuss the project with your sales team. Product photos are not only valuable for eCommerce purposes but also play a significant role in the sales process. They provide extensive information about the product, allowing customers to make informed decisions because they understand product size, material, color options available, package contents and any accompanying accessories, design and aesthetics, bundled offers, key features, and demonstrate the value that the product offers.
  2. Discuss the project with your graphics and catalogue designer. Their input can significantly provide valuable insights on how the product images should align into visual elements, layout, composition, and ensure consistency with the brand identity.
  3. It is important to get the input of your website developer to ensure that the picture files to be produced meet the specifications of the company website, resulting in an excellent user experience. Additionally, their input is necessary to identify areas where the website requires product images to complement its content or enhance its attractiveness.
  4. Engaging in discussions with your social media manager or team regarding the project is crucial. Seek their input to determine the type of product images that would be valuable and align with their content marketing strategy. Their expertise will help identify the kind of product images that effectively enhance your social media presence and resonate with your target audience.

Based on the information gathered from the input above, make the following lists:

  1. A comprehensive list of the various ways in which your product images can be utilized.
  2. A list of all products to be photographed. Name them according to their flavor, color, size, quantity, design, packaging, SKU, and any other distinguishing characteristics.
  3. A list of the photos you require for each product, including the following: front view, back view, angled view, open lid, sets, kits, or packages, pairs, family or product range photos, conceptual photos, e-commerce photos, and photos for other marketing materials.
  4. a list of any special requirements or specifications gathered from your sales team, graphics or catalogue designer, website developer, and other stakeholders.

Finally, create a grand list that combines the information from the lists above, naming each specific product, the types of images required for it, their potential uses, and any special requirements.

Identify a photographer whose skill & style matches your needs. Proceed to share your grand list and special with your preferred product photographer, and seek their professional advice, request a quote, turnaround time, and any other information that will help you with your decision to engage the photographer.

Please develop a storage and filing system for the images that will be generated, taking into consideration the need for easy access by various stakeholders from different locations and at different times for various purposes. Cloud storage is recommended as the optimal solution.

Proper planning is crucial for producing effective product images, achieving your objectives, and maximizing the value of your investment in the product photography project.

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Feel free to always seek the professional support of Gibs Photography for your product photography project.

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