Catalog & E-commerce Product PhotographyProducts on white background, various angles of view, subtle lighting, with no effects, & a consistent look on images resulting in neat catalog & on online shops. Images can be shared with distribution partners for E-commerce.
Product Concept PhotographyWe develop photography concepts for products, manage the production & deliver wow images useful to support brands marketing message, content marketing, advertising, & look wow on websites & marketing material.
Photo EditingOur careful editing ensures perfect product colors, neat & natural look.
Photo WatermarkingThis measure discourages unfair competitors from illegally copying & using your photography investment. Watermarks also shout out company & brand name wherever they are shared.
360 Product PhotographyThis allow an all round view of product features & design in short mp4 video clips useful on e-commerce, social media, display screens, business presentations, & easy share via mobile phone chat apps.
Animated SlidesWe show detail & tell more information about a product with images, 360 clips & text creatively complied into a short mp4 clip, useful on social media, display screens, business presentations & easy share via mobile phone chat apps.
Technical SupportWe give technical photography related support to our clients web developers & graphics designers, so images & files perfectly fit their specific uses.
Photography Project ManagementWe manage production workflow, equipment, turnaround time, quality control & professional support for projects with large numbers of products to be photographed.
Collect & Return ProductsWe collect products from clients premise to our studio for photography, & return upon completion.
We Build RelationshipsWe take time understand our clients preference, join into their marketing plans, develop long term relationships, & together we attractively display & communicate your products to the world.
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